• Our Story

    Yosi Romano

    Brizi Inventor

    For those of us who live in the big city, air pollution is part of our daily lives. Often you can smell it, sometimes you can see it too. News reports about the health problems associated with air pollution seem to come out every week but somehow I always managed to put them to the back of my mind.


    Then when my daughter, Alma, came into the world everything changed.


    Pushing Alma’s pram through the busy streets of London, it struck me how close she seemed to where cars, buses, taxis and trucks were pumping out exhaust fumes that would sometimes even make me cough. I did my research and I found out that some of the most dangerous kinds of air pollution hang in the air exactly at the height where Alma sits in her stroller. Even worse, I learned that the lungs of young children lack the defenses that adults have against gases and particulates that can cause asthma, allergies, respiratory diseases and reduce life expectancy.


    I decided that something needed to be done. That’s when Brizi was born.

  • Team

    Our London-based team are experts in bringing innovative products to life.

    Brizi's advisors have decades of commercial and scientific expertise.

    Yosi Romano

    Founder & CTO

    Yosi is the Founder and CTO of Brizi. He is Brizi's visionary, and leads product development and technology.

    Ziv Leinwand

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Ziv leads all commercial activity for Brizi. He has held senior roles at multinational corporations in management and marketing. Ziv led a successful effort at Strauss Water to enter the Chinese market selling innovative water purification systems.

    Alex Cohen


    Alex leads Operations for Brizi. He graduated from Boston College in 2010 with a degree in International Studies, and has held roles in Business Development, Operations, and Product Management. He works closely with the team to ensure each Brizi product is of the utmost quality, and each Brizi customer and partner receives excellent service.

    Map Project Office

    Product Partner

    Map Project Office is an experienced, award-winning team of industrial designers that have worked with tech giants and startups to design beautiful and functional physical products.

    Dr. Prashant Kumar

    Scientific Advisor

    The focus of Dr. Kumar's research is to understand the impact of both conventional and emerging air pollutants from transport, industrial and non-vehicle sources on air quality, public health and the built infrastructure, in order to develop engineering driven solutions and regulatory strategies for their mitigation. He is the Chair in Air Quality and Health at the University of Surrey, and the Founder & Director of the Global Centre for Clean Air Research (GCARE).

    Robert Leigh


    Robert Leigh is the Founder and Joint CEO of DeVono Cresa, the industry leader in occupier-only commercial real estate representation in London and the UK. Over the past 13 years they have advised more occupiers in the Capital than any other property company and have been responsible for one in four commercial transactions.