• Brizi is Easy

    Autonomous protection: pair your phone with Brizi, and Brizi does the rest



    Brizi's air sensors record and transmit information about gases and air particulates.



    The Brizi app on your phone activates Brizi's fan filter when pollution is detected.



    Brizi's patented fan filter delivers an air barrier of 1.5 litres of filtered air every 10 seconds, protecting your baby from harm.

  • How it Works

    Let Brizi do the hard work for you

    Detects Harmful Air

    Brizi’s specially designed hi tech sensor detects harmful gases and particulates in the air. It uploads this information to the Brizi App via Bluetooth.


    The sensor is capable of delivering 10 readings per second, and is configured to detect carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. It includes a PM2.5 sensor for particulate matter.

    Filters the Air

    The fan in the cushion filters pollution out of the air in the baby’s breathing area using Brizi’s specially designed filters.


    These are are high-grade medical-quality filters similar to the filters used in hospital incubators. A carbon layer helps filter gases, while a nanometric, woven-fabric layer intercepts particulates.

    Delivers Clean Air

    Brizi’s fan delivers 1.5 litres of clean, filtered air to the child’s breathing area every ten seconds.


    This helps create a clean air barrier in the child's breathing area, both delivering clean air and preventing polluted air from entering the breathing zone.

    Monitors Clean Air Routes

    Data from the app will show you which walking routes are more polluted than others so you know the cleanest routes for you and your baby.


    Each time someone uses the Brizi sensor, they help to improve the community.


    The Brizi App will always be free for personal use.

  • Proven to Work

    Brizi works better when there is more pollution nearby.

    Standing Test

    Orange Line = Without Brizi

    Blue Line = With Brizi

    When tested next to an idling bus (the large spike in the middle of the graph), Brizi helped reduce pollutants in the air by up to 80%.


    This test was conducted in London with our scientific advisor, Dr. Prashant Kumar.

    Walking Test

    Orange Line = Without Brizi

    Blue Line = With Brizi

    On a circular walking route, Brizi helped reduce the air pollution in the child's breathing area by around 50% or more when idling vehicles caused spikes.


    This test was conducted in London with our scientific advisor, Dr. Prashant Kumar.

  • Protect your child and inform

    the community about air pollution

    Protect Your Child

    Brizi Baby is a medical-quality fan filter embedded in a beautifully designed, comfortable cushion for any pram or stroller.

    Inform the Community

    Brizi Sensor detects both harmful gases and particles and will upload pollution data about your route to the free Brizi App.