• We Protect the Most Vulnerable

    Infant exposure to air pollution is linked to many long-term

    adverse effects in respiratory health

    What the Experts Say

    Their immune systems are not fully developed until 4 or 5 years old.

    Air Pollution impacts on children, UCLA, 2008


    Research has shown that emissions from diesel and gas cause inflammation in respiratory systems and greater allergic reactions.

    Effects of air pollution, C. Kampf / Max Plank Institute, 2015


    They spend more time outside and at a lower level where pollution is at it’s most harmful.

    NRDC, Our Children At Risk paper, 1997


    They inhale more per pound of bodyweight than adults. This is a key problem for particulates which lodge in the deepest recesses of the lungs.

    Air Pollution impacts on children, UCLA, 2008


    There is ample evidence that ozone combined with particulates exacerbates symptoms of Asthma, reduced lung function (especially in girls) is linked to those who live next to motorways.

    The Effect of Air Pollution on Children, Environmental Health Perspective, 1995

  • Pollution is Worse Near the Ground

    Air pollution is concentrated around 30-60cm above ground.

    Harmful pollutants get concentrated in the area nearer the ground, where vehicle exhaust pipes emit dangerous toxins.


    The air adults breathe can be much cleaner than that of a child in a pram, based on the child's proximity to the ground.